Mighty Mata Beers

We're so pleased to have Mata beers in our fridges (and glasses).  They're bright and hoppy with a clean finish.  A crisp alternative to the watery sweetness of global "beers" [waggle fingers in the air to indicate ironic speech marks at this point if reading aloud].

The craft brewing industry in New Zealand has come a long way since we left New Zealand in the last millenium - Mac's & Monteith's were upstarts; Founder's was just one shed in Nelson's Founder's Park.   We've returned to find those first two revolutionaries brought into the fold of New Zealand's brewing behemoths, and Founders acquired by Asahi.  

Meanwhile, the thirst for a quality drop, brewed from local ingredients by someone you can call up on the phone, is being met by yet another generation of independent brewers who are raising the flag for quality, craft and flavour.  Mata is typical of the current vibrant independent brewing scene, which ranges from the bijou Hop Federation in Riwaka to the inventive Garage Project in Wellington. Mata's beers are brewed by Tammy Viitakangas.  Phone the brewery and her mum, dad or uncle might answer the phone because Mata's business is all in the family and we love that.