Who are the people in our neighbourhood?

Cafe Royale is housed in a landmark Art Deco building on the edge of Palmerston North's extensive central square.  It was orginally built as the local authority seat. When city officials decamped to the Brutalist masterpiece a block away, Square Edge became a community hub of a different sort.  

Art of Framing, ground floor

Art of Framing, ground floor

As a community arts centre, Square Edge houses a vibrant mix of businesses, charities and community groups and we're really pleased to be getting to know our lovely and inspiring neighbours.  There are art supplies, a picture framer, a fashion designer and a really fab photographer on the ground floor with us. There's a woefully under-used cinema too.

In the courtyard you'll find the Green Hub and Green Bikes, along with our tables and chairs in the sunshine.  On the upper floors there's a grand performance space, pole dancing classes, music and drama lessons, speech therapy, Toastmasters and the Alliance Francaise.  And we're sure there are plenty more whom we've yet to meet.  

There's plenty going on - make use of the facilities! Talk to us or the arts centre office about booking a table, hiring space or running an event.