Mountain Water not Methylene Chloride

Green coffee in water

Hey decaf drinkers - we respect your love of good coffee.  We respect it so much that we sourced a single estate Guatemalan coffee that's been decaffeinated with pure mountain water, instead of Methylene Chloride.  Then we roasted it ourselves in our vintage Whitmee roaster to give it that distinctive Cafe Royale smokiness.  Proper coffee, freshly roasted, just for you. 

Why mountain water?  Caffeine is water soluble, which is why a big mug of filter coffee can leave you more jittery than a row of espresso shots.  Water decaffeination involves soaking coffee beans in hot water to extract the caffeine, forcing the water through charcoal filters to remove the jitter drug, then putting the beans back into the caffeine-free water to reabsorb any water soluble oils.  The separated caffeine is sold to people who need it like cola manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. 

We've been roasting water decaff coffee for years, sometimes offering caffeinated and de-caffeinated versions of the same bean, like our favourite Peruvian,  El Guabo.  The coffees we roasted were decaffeinated using the Swiss water process - a version of the method outlined above - which definitely had a detrimental effect on the coffee in the cup.  No crema, flat flavour. Just not as good as the caffeinated version.  But the mountain water process used on our new decaff?  Brilliant. We get a thick crema on the coffee, which keep all its flavour.  We're not sure why it's so much better but it is so. much. better.  Oh yeah. .  

The one thing we've never offered is a chemically decaffeinated coffee.  It's not that there are dangerous amounts of Methylene Chloride or Ethyl Acetate turning up in your coffee cup - MC is a highly flammable compound that burns off in the roasting process.  It's just that we think there are enough paint thinners, stinky aerosols and fumigants kicking around in our environment as it is.  And we're so fond of our central nervous systems that we want to keep them safe from harm.