The most important meal of the day

What's the most important meal of the day?  We think it's the second breakfast so beloved of hobbits.  Wolfing down a slice of toast and hastily made cup of coffee while searching for a missing gym bag, last week's homework and the car keys doesn't really set one up for the day ahead.  You might be breaking your fast, but you're not feeding your soul.

A second, calmer breakfast is what's required.  One that's prepared by somebody else, ideally, and accompanied by coffee or a robust tea and a quiet rustle of the morning papers.  It's best while the kids are safely at school or on the football pitch.  Making time for a second breakfast is not always possible but it is more satisfying than a mid-morning gingernut.  


We're pretty keen on egg-based breakfasts, accompanied by spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms; perhaps some free range pork sausages and bacon, or a little salmon.  The toast is so important, which is why we make our own bread.  You can only get well made toast from a well made loaf.

We're not above borrowing from other food traditions to round out our breakfast offering - our new chorizo hash, made with Woody's Farm Chorizo from Manakau and free range eggs from Linton, is based on a Spanish tapa served up in bars to soak up the cerveza.